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Thalia Berard, in distress from an injury to her right leg’s hamstring tendon, accidentally squeezes her camera remote and captures this image seconds after the injury. Aug 2019 — Dorset, VT.

Once upon a time in August 2019 I made the regrettable decision that many of us have made: taking an unnecessary photo #ForTheGram. Unlike many who come away relatively unscathed from such an activity, I did not.

Though at first I did not realize it.

My ill-advised set up involved the swing set in my childhood backyard and two swings, one for each foot. The goal was to recreate a pose I could do as a child: a split between two swings. So, remote camera at the ready, I saddled up each foot, but as I held the reins of…

Thalia Berard

Interdisciplinary artist. Athlete. Writer.

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